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2nd Annual - Masonic Photo Scavenger Hunt in Southern Connecticut




What: A photo scavenger hunt, where teams of 3-5 freemasons will take photos around Connecticut of a Masonic nature.  The brothers will then recongregate and compare their photos in a fun and brotherly manner.



When: June 21st, 2008

  • 1:00pm-2:00pm - Registration
  • 2:00pm-7:00pm - Scavenger Hunt
  • 7:00pm-11:00pm - Judging and Refreshments



Where: 30 Church St., North Haven, CT & the rest of New Haven County




Who: Freemasons (EAs, FCs or MMs)



Cost: $30 per team (includes pizza and beverage costs for after the hunt), $6 per person if you're just attending the judging


Contact:  For more information or to sign up a team or individual members (We will assign individual members to teams that are not full, so that everyone can play), email Charles Tirrell at chtirrell@yahoo.com




  1. This is for fun and not for competition. Keep it light and have fun with your brothers.
  2. Teams must consist of 3-5 masons (EAs and FCs are allowed, but do not share the meanings of additional symbols that they do not know about) with one brother being designated the "Team Captain."
  3. Each team must have a digital camera with large data capacity, photo cables, a car, gas money and quarters for parking.
  4. Only photos are allowed. Do not bring any items back to the lodge.  Although non-participating brothers are encouraged to come to the judging and enjoy our festivities.
  5. Items can not be found in a lodge building, on a lodge building or on lodge premises. However, brothers can be found in lodge buildings and pictures of those brothers can be taken in the lodge building.
  6. No items owned by the members of the team may be used as items.
  7. All Masonic, city, state and federal laws, rules and regulations must be followed during the hunt.
  8. The hunt will begin at 2:00 PM and end at 7:00 PM. No items or brothers may be found, photographed or notified prior to 2:00 PM or after 8:00 PM.
  9. The team must always stay together and may not split up to take pictures separately or search for items separately.
  10. Be respectful, kind and understanding when taking photos of brothers and others. Ask for their permission and if unwilling, do not ask again. You must explain what the hunt is and, if a brother, ask if they would like to come to the after-hunt event.
  11. A dinner and photo-show will be held from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM. During this time scores will be tallied in public, while showing the photos on the overhead projector.
  12. Each item is worth 10 points, which will be divided up amoung the teams who have successfully taken photos of it.  For example, if only one team takes a photo of an object, the team receives 10 points.  But if four teams take a photo of an item, then each team receives 2.5 points.  Harder items will therefore usually get higher points.
  13. If a participant on an opposing team feels a photo does not fulfill the requirements, a quick vote of all participants not including the contended team will be made. Simple majority rules.
  14. The "Best Photos" will be voted individually and the team that receives the most votes will receive the full points for the photo, while the other teams will receive no points.  A participant can not vote for themselves.




·Bring Treasleboards and phone-lists of your lodge and other lodges.

·Bring a laptop.

·Bring a phonebook.

·Public libraries have internet access.

·Starbucks and other coffee shops have wireless internet access (sometimes free).

·The Yale Visitor Center is located at 149 Elm St.

·The New Haven Information Center is located on the corner of Chapel St. and College St. You can find maps here.



List of Items

(Do not find or film prior to the event.  This list is subject to change, but will be finalized one week prior to the hunt.  If you would like to add more items please email Charles)


Photos w/ People (can not be a member of your group unless otherwise stated)

  • A MW Bro w/ your group
  • A RW Bro w/ your group
  • A W Bro w/ your group
  • Ten or more MMs all together
  • An MM, FC & EA all together
  • A Bro who is a cop with your group
  • A Bro who is a scientist with your group
  • A Bro who is a student with your group
  • A Bro who is a craftsman with your group
  • A Prince Hall Bro with your group
  • A Bro who was raised in a different state with your group
  • A Bro who was raised in a different country with your group
  • A Grand Lodge line officer (not MM)
  • A Bro who can speak 3 or more languages fluently
  • Brothers helping brothers
  • Brothers helping others
  • A Bro holding 10 or more books about masonry
  • A 50 year pin holder
  • A Lewis (A Bro whose father is/was a mason)


Working Tools

  • 24 Inch Gauge (An approximate length ruler would work)
  • Common Gavel
  • Plumb
  • Square
  • Level
  • Trowel




  • A representation of the sun
  • A representation of the moon
  • A top hat
  • Three candles placed in a triangular position
  • A Holy Bible carved in stone
  • A square and compasses carved in stone
  • A cornucopia
  • A gavel
  • A baton
  • A globe
  • A quill pen
  • A large key
  • An alter



  • A rough ashlar
  • A perfect ashlar
  • Clay
  • Chalk
  • Charcoal
  • The two columns of King Solomon Temple
  • Five large letter G’s (different photos)
  • A staircase with only 3 steps
  • A staircase with only 5 steps
  • A staircase with only 7 steps
  • The eye of providence
  • The word “hearing”, “seeing”, “feeling”, “smelling”, and “tasting” on a sign (separate photos)
  • The word “grammar”, “rhetoric”, “logic”, “arithmetic”, “geometry”, “music”, and “astronomy” on a sign (separate photos)
  • Corn
  • Wine
  • Oil
  • coffin
  • beehive
  • Anchor
  • Sword and Heart (Double points if taken together)
  • Masonic Book of Constitutions
  • 47th problem of Euclid
  • Setting Maul



  • A painting of a Masonic president (Points for each different brother)
  • A Gravesite of a famous mason (not Masonically famous)
  • A Masonic graveyard memorial (not a grave marker with a Masonic symbol on it)
  • Five grave markers with Masonic symbols on them
  • Five different Masonic lodges (exception to rule #5)
  • A building that used to be a Masonic lodge
  • An Elks Lodge
  • A Knights of Columbus Building (not the HQ building in New Haven)
  • A rainbow
  • A painting or sculpture of Jacques Demolay
  • A Masonic cornerstone (not on a current or previously Masonic building)
  • A painting or sculpture of a person wearing an apron
  • A Rotary Building
  • A Masonic Street Sign
  • A painting or sculpture of a famous mason (not a president)
  • Three different war memorials
  • A building named after a mason
  • An artistic representation of a handshake


For Laughs

  • A goat
  • A fez
  • A Yale secret society building (not skull and bones)
  • A fraternity paddle
  • A pyramid
  • A Masonic tattoo
  • A statue of a famous mason with a real apron placed on it


“Best Photos” (To be voted on by participants)

Take artistic license

  • Light
  • The Grand Architect of the Universe
  • Knowledge
  • Brotherhood
  • Brotherly Love
  • Relief
  • Truth
  • Wisdom
  • Strength
  • Beauty



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